TAPR Redirect, et al

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We've had TAPR redirect the APRS/CE links here - hopefully we can keep this site a little more up-to-date. Since last year, we've taken on two projects and they're keeping us extremely busy. We're hoping to wrap up both of them by June and will be able to direct more energy at updating APRS/CE and the map editor. We do apologize for the delay on everything. If we pick up some spare time (weekend, perhaps), we'd like to release a beta MapEd and a beta APRS/CE with some bugfixes (Bluetooth, etc.) Send us feedback anytime at:



New Website

As you can see, we've got a new look. We hope you like it and welcome your feedback!

Map Editor Beta - Coming Soon!

Soon you will be able to try out the beta of our new map editor, MapEd. With this map editor, you can load existing Win/MacAPRS maps and PocketAPRS maps, and import TIGER data. You can add, move, and change properties of lines, areas, labels and symbols. You can then export the maps in Win/MacAPRS or PocketAPRS format for use with APRS/CE and the other APRS programs that are available. Screenshots here.


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APRS/CE allows you to display maps showing the real-time location of both your station (if GPS equipped) and various other APRS stations on your Windows CE device. It also allows you to do two-way, real-time text messaging to stations. Try it for free!


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MapEd allows you to load Win/MacAPRS maps and PocketAPRS maps, and import U.S. Census Bureau TIGER/Line map data. Once loaded or imported, you can alter and add lines, filled regions, labels to each map, and you can export the map data for use with APRS/CE.